The Vision:
A leading educational institution at the regional level with teaching Administration, economics, finance, accounting and statistical sciences. And enhancing the community partnership.
The message:
The Faculty seeks to provide teaching staff and entrepreneurs at a top level of efficiency, innovation and professionalism, by creating an academic and research environment with a community partnership, in accordance to national and international academic standards.
The Objectives: 
To achieve the vision and mission of the Faculty of Administration and Economics, we have set the following strategic objectives:
*Attracting and developing faculty staff by engaging them in courses, conferences and workshops, inside and outside Iraq.
*The Faculty uses its scientific and research capabilities to serve the community, develop it, and provide educational training and consulting services in the relevant knowledge fields.
*Meeting the needs of the local job market by qualified graduates with various specializations that available in the Faculty.
*Promote development and quality processes, as well as developing and improving relationships with employers and employers targeted for graduates.
*Building an environment supportive for scientific research and postgraduate programs, which contributes to improving social services.